teeth-whitening-300x228All TMJ Treatments, and therapies for jaw discomfort and non-TMJ related face pain are assigned after the diagnostics are performed and reviewed. The diagnosis is designed to bring to light the underlying root causes of your pain and only then are treatment protocols selected to correct the various forces creating your unique pain condition.

Some patients have easily correctable bite force imbalances that are causing them mild pain and discomfort in the TMJ or face. Others are among the unfortunate many who experience chronic TMJ or Face Pain that has caused them years of misery — time they don’t get back. Regardless, SHMC stands ready to help you achieve long lasting pain relief.

Because the causes behind TMD/TMJ and Face Pain are as unique as each of the individual patients, each person we treat is given a customized treatment plan specific to their unique diagnosis. The full course of treatment for TMD/TMJ and Face Pain is usually 12 weeks long. Most TMJ Treatments run in 50 minute sessions and are performed once per week.

At SHMC you can count on a drug-free, pain-free needle-free experience. We can start your treatment for TMJ/TMD and face pain immediately after diagnosis. TMJ Treatments and therapies as well as treatment for other face pain is performed on-site by Dr. Wermuth and her highly trained staff.  Our treatment facilities are clean, refreshing and spa-like!

We know what TMJ and Face Pain can take away. Let SHMC help you be free from the pain.

SHMC’s TMJ Treatments Use Proven Treatment Methods

SHMC uses proven, effective technologies to treat patients suffering with TMJ/TMD or Face Pain. Your unique treatment course may include such treatment modalities as: Cold Laser, MicrocurrentTherapy, Ultrasound Therapy, and Manual Therapy. No two patients are treated exactly the same because SHMC understands that our patients are as unique as their syptoms and pain.

Modern Dentistry has closed the gap between understanding dental-related forces and finding a treatment that is effective, and the hope for lasting pain relief is now real. Dental forces that are out of balance CAN be modified to provide you with lasting relief from TMJ and Jaw Pain and other painful conditions.