Getting your Bite Forces back in harmony is the key for lasting tinnitus relief

It is important to understand the role that dental-related forces have in creating Tinnitus symptoms. The head is an enterprising structure that needs a functional balance between varying systems for proper auditory performance — the teeth, muscles, nerves, ear and jaw joints. With lack of harmony and balance within these systems we find that ear ringing, throbbing, and a multitude of other auditory irregularities can exist.

Because each symptom of tinnitus is as unique as the individual patient, once we find the root causes for YOUR tinnitus, a treatment plan can be formed and therapy can begin immediately.

We know at SHMC that having all of your biting and chewing system in harmony is the way to long-term and lasting tinnitus relief.  Dr. Wermuth and our therapists at SHMC are here to help regain harmony in your teeth, muscles, nerves and joints.