SHMC Restores Balance                                                                                                            scale

Most people, not even physicians, understand the role bite force imbalance plays in causing or making worse the symptoms of a headache.  The easy thing to do is to give medications and narcotics to migraine and headache sufferers. That only puts a band aid on the recurring problem.  Restoring bite force harmony is front and center for actually treating the root cause of the pain. Who better to treat this than a dentist?

The experts at SHMC understand that the head is a dynamic structure that needs complete functional harmony between the teeth, muscles, nerves and joints in order to operate without pain. SHMC is here to help you regain harmony to these areas and to get you free from headache and migraine pain.



SHMC treats a wide variety of pain.  From a simple bite force imbalance causing pain every so often to having chronic headaches or migraine pain that you have suffered with for years. These breakthrough treatments could help you finally achieve the pain free life you have hoped for.  Our state of the art migraine and headache treatments focus on restoring bite force harmony and balancing the interactions between head and neck muscles, joints, nerves and teeth.  No needles, no drugs, no surgery!  You can relax in a clean, spa-like environment while enjoying breakthrough therapy that will get you your life back!

SHMC’s migraine and headache treatment can start right away upon completion of the diagnostic and examination protocols. All treatments for migraine and headache pain are performed on-site by Dr. Wermuth and her staff in a friendly and clean environment.

Because every person’s pain is as different and individual as they are, each patient is given a custom-tailored course of treatment specific to their individual diagnosis. The full course of treatment for most patients is 12-14 treatments.  These treatments occur once a week and usually last about an hour.