Proper Diagnosis is the First Step to Ending the Pain           migraine 7

Having the proper and accurate diagnosis  when relieving headache and migraine pain could mean the difference between living your life, and continuing to suffer unnecessarily with significant reductions to your quality of life and decreased time you spend with your loved ones.

At Savannah Headache and Migraine Center you’ll get answers! Read on to learn about how the cutting-edge dental diagnostic methods employed by our experts can uncover the unique root causes behind your headache and migraine pain.

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SHMC at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Diagnosis is a multifaceted discipline.

There is a detailed Head Health History form we will review with you during your consultation with our therapist.   This will give us information about your dental foundation (teeth, muscles, and joints),  causes and complications, symptoms, and impact on daily living activities.  This will be your opportunity to paint a ‘picture’ for our therapists about what your pain looks like.  It will also give you and our therapist the chance to become acquainted and ask questions.

Diagnostics will follow which will include Dental Force Analysis.  An advanced technology called TekScan will be used to record a pressure mapping of each tooth.  We will also test your range of motion of your head and neck which will help us get to the root cause of your pain.  These state of the art tools will help our experts determine the unique nature of your pain and to develop a treatment plan which is unique to you.