strong>SHMC diagnoses and treats the root causes of your unique head and neck pain

Once SHMC completely diagnoses your unique head and neck pain or tension symptoms and pinpoints the root causes our experts will choose the best treatment protocols to restore balance for you. Our treatments bring balance to the dental-related forces creating your unique pain condition so lasting relief can be achieved.

We routinely correct mild to severe bite force problems at SHMC to alleviate discomfort in the head and neck muscles, nerves, jaw and teeth. However, every single patient we see is different. In fact, the root causes of head and neck pain or tension usually differ significantly from patient to patient. Therefore, every patient we treat is provided a customized course of treatment specific to their diagnosis. A full course of treatment for head and neck pain often lasts about 12 weeks, with each treatment session being performed once a week over a 50 minute visit.

We Use The Most Advanced Technologies Available to Treat Head and Neck Pain

SHMC uses proven, effective technologies to treat patients suffering with head and neck tension and pain. Your unique treatment course may include such treatment modalities as: Cold Laser, Microcurrent Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, and Manual Therapy. No two patients are treated exactly the same because SHMC understands that our patients are as unique as their symptoms and pain.

Modern Dentistry has closed the gap between understanding dental-related forces and finding a treatment that is effective, and the hope for lasting pain relief is now real. Dental forces that are out of balance CAN be modified to provide you with lasting relief from head and neck pain and other painful conditions.