If you suffer from frequent head and neck tension, you are not alone

Millions of people suffer from head and neck pain or chronic tension symptoms and have sought after relief from medical doctor and chiropractors with little to no success. Many have also tried over the counter medications, painful injections or even narcotic prescribed by their physician with no ling term relief to speak of.

The reason these recommendations hardly ever prove effective is because they only treat the symptoms instead of targeting the root cause of the head and neck muscle tension and pain.  Physicians and chiropractors do not have the technology or experience to diagnose effectively when dental forces are playing the role in causing the pain.  We find that most of the time this is the case.  Call SHMC today to speak with our staff about how dental forces may be the contributing factor to your head and neck pain.

 SHMC can target the root causes of head and neck pain and tension

Unless head and neck pain is properly diagnsed by pinpointing the root causes, long lasting relief is almost impossible.


Patients have suffered with head and neck tension without realizing how these problems are related to dental force imbalances.  Who better to diagnose and understand this than a dentist?  It just makes sense, right? Even most physicians, when presented with patients who have head and neck tension, are unprepared to properly diagnose and treat these folks and the easy solution is to throw pain pills or give shots which only mask the real problem.  It really should come as no surprise that the knowledge base for head and neck tension and dental-related force imbalances has always lived within the field of specialized Dentistry — NOT a medical doctor. At SHMC  We’ll show you where the head and neck pain is coming from and assign drug-free, needle-free, surgery-free treatment protocols to address the unique causes for your pain.

Schedule an appointment today and be properly diagnosed for your Head or Neck Pain by the experts at Savannah Headache and Migraine Center.