For decades, physicians have been the first line of defense in the treatment of headaches and migraines. They have prescribed narcotics and over the counter pain relievers, have recommended injections, acupuncture, herbal treatments and other therapies with little to no long-term success. We are happy to tell you that there is a better way — one that could give your your life back and give your loved ones back the gift of…you.


SHMC Offers Breakthrough Migraine Headache Treatment, and MORE:

  • Headache Conditions – Most Types
  • Migraine Conditions – Most Types
  • Tinnitus – Ringing in the Ears
  • TMD/TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  • Head and Neck Pain – Chronic Muscle Tension
  • Poorly Executed Dental Work

If you are suffering then seek help from the headache and migraine EXPERTS.  We can help help patients overcome their painful Headache, Migraine, muscular and TMJ/Jaw pain symptoms both in the short and long-term. Our state of the art diagnostic technology can expose the direct cause or causes of your pain. The best part is our treatments are drug-free, needle-free and surgery-free!  Plus the treatments themselves are very relaxing and given in a spa-like environment.

Neuromuscular Dentistry Has Changed The Headache and Migraine Treatment Beliefs

Most people have never even thought about discussing their symptoms of Headache, Migraine, Neck and Face pain, or even TMJ/Jaw Pain with a dentist. Folks would normally talk to their physician or chiropractor.  But if you think about it for a moment it actually makes perfect sense. Who knows more about the neuromuscular regions of the head, neck, face, temporomandibular joints and teeth? Your dentist does — not your physician. Finding a specific kind of dentist — a neuromuscular dentist — may be your key to living a life free from headache and migraine pain.

Dr. Wermuth has been intrigued with the topic of headaches and TMJ (tempromandibular joint) Disorder since introduced to the topic in dental school.  It is a controversial specialized field within the dental,medical, physical therapy, and chiropractic communities. Multiple theories of the different causes and best treatments exist.  Over the last 20 years Dr. Wermuth has remained

DrWermuth-0051engaged in becoming educated abouthese evolving theories.  She has attended multiple schools of training including Las Vegas Institute, Dawson Academy, and Trudenta Workshop. Her exploration of this field has led her to develop her own program of individualized treatment for each patient. She has ensured that her capable staff of therapists are educated and have attended workshops to help her deliver the most effective treatment modalities available.

Dr. Wermuth and her staff at the Savannah Headache and Migraine Center are one of the roughly 400 neuromuscular dentistry practices in the country that have been taught patented methods to relieve the symptoms of headaches and migraines without the use of surgery or drugs.  Dr. Wermuth and her staff trained directly under the dentist and neurophysiologist who worked together and patented the protocol for helping patients suffering from chronic headache and migraine symptoms.


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